Without seals, no pressure.


The importance of technical legalities.


Standard seals or special solution?
For any requirement profile, we are the right partner!
We develop, produce and sell seals and sealing systems from the most diverse materials for the most varied areas of application. A modern, state-of-the-art machine park, carefully chosen raw materials as well as our competence, innovative capabilities and experience form the basis for the high quality of our sealing concepts.
We are the specialists for machined seals in dimensions up to 720mm and for even larger dimensions we have high-performance partners at our side. Excellent materials — for example, our RedSuperPolymer, a high-performance plastic — enable excellent sealing solutions.

We are also high-performers in realisation of prototypes and small batches according to custom specifications. The standard semifinished products required for this are always in stock in our warehouse — and that too up to a size of 720mm.

We see ourselves as a partner who offers holistic solutions. We accompany you throughout the entire production process — from planning to development right up to production. If you wish so.

With our high-tech CO2 laser labelling system, we are able to offer laser-marked seals individually or in small batches. Thus, it is possible to label plastic profiles on a surface of up to 75 x 75mm permanently and without damaging the material. Multiple-line, alphanumeric information, graphics, symbols and logos can be engraved—of course, the sealing surface remains undamaged.
Based on this laser signature, the manufacturing parameters of each machined seal made by us can also be easily identified.


  • 15,000 different standard seals
  • 9,000 seal variants for construction machinery of well-known manufacturers
  • uncomplicated ordering process
  • competent advice by qualified staff
  • fast response times
  • fast delivery
  • Customised development, planning, design and production of special seals of up to 720mm for the most diverse sectors
  • Long service life and high load bearing capacity (up to 700 bar) due to special geometries and materials
  • for example, FDA conformity sealing materials, RedSuperPolymer, and many more, are used.

The high-performance material.

RedSuperPolymer makes seals for hydraulic and pneumatic inserts more efficient. RedSuperPolymer has also proven itself in tough application situations.

  • filled, lubricated polyurethane, therefore maximum elasticity and ease of installation with low friction and minimal stick slip
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • best temperature characteristics
  • faster operating cycles for more effectiveness
  • Increased service life compared to conventional materials such as rubber-fabric materials and polyurethanes
  • Excellent for use in high speed applications
  • Can be used in systems with air, water, water-oil mixture and mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids
  • Allows special sealing geometries for repair, smooth running and friction reduction