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The food and pharmaceuticals industry is an extremely sensitive sector which imposes challenging requirements on seals and plastics. Our experienced specialists and the use of appropriate materials enable the implementation of your sealing solution after a quick analysis. Many criteria must be fulfilled in this context:

  • High chemical consistency against aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents
  • High temperature resistance during cleaning and sterilisation
  • Ideal anti-friction and anti-wear and tear properties against inadequate lubrication/dry run
  • Special colour-coding of seals (white/blue/red/natural) for early detection of abrasion particles in the product
  • Special shapes to avoid undercuts that are difficult to sterilise (“free of dead space”), which are exposed to the risk of micro-bacterial impurities
  • Easy-to-clean and sterilisable surfaces
  • Non-toxic substances
  • Compliance with a large number of national and international food laws and regulations for pharmaceutical usage

Seal Concept implements customised solutions for your production and packaging machines in the shortest possible time to ensure a product-conforming packaging of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, drinks, milk products, meat and sausages, baked items, tea, coffee, sugar, salt, herbs and much more. Whether individual or bulk items, production takes place in-house within a few days. Needless to mention, requirements of cleaning, sterilisation and hygienic design are given due consideration.


Complicated reassembly of a lid seal of a cheese cooker after cleaning

Framework conditions

P: 1bar / T: 80°C / v: static seal until today, black EPDM

Solution concept

Seal profile with self-adjustment when closing the lid, material change to HPU with FDA approval, material stable against cleaning solutions