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Often, large hydraulic forces must be applied in linear movement, to lift, lower, move or just to keep loads. For this, the hydraulic cylinder is the crucial component of the machine and the cylinder design is an important link in the mechanical engineering field. Varying bulk productions and individual productions characterise the production processes and thus also the sourcing strategies of this industrial sector. The quality of the cylinder and the power transmission depends very much on the employed sealing and guide components, and the timely provision by a reliable partner like Seal Concept GmbH.

Many aspects should be taken into account to meet the needs of a dynamic, highly innovative industrial sector.

We support

  • with a wide range of competitive standard products
  • with certified reliable partners and productions
  • with price sensitivity for large availability
  • as a flexible and experienced development partner from prototype to production phase
  • with own design versions



Stick-Slip effect of cylinders during very low stroke speeds

Framework conditions

P: 300bar/ T: 20...65°C/ v: 10...40m/s Wiper in NBR, piston seal in PTFE+bronze

Solution concept

Another material combination of wiper and a secondary piston seal, use of Red Super Polymer


Alternative for quick-change locking mechanism of another provider (mounting space optimisation)

Framework conditions

Mounting space / Material specification of the piston rod / P: 350bar/ Qmax: 30l/min

Solution concept

Special construction according to customer specifications, mounting space and material