Renewable energies as important sources of power


Climatic compatibility and independence


Energy production is expansion of renewable controllable energy, climate-friendly and independent of fossil heating, fuels and combustibles. The importance of renewable energies in Germany is constantly growing; renewable energies are the most important source of electricity today and will also be so in the future.
Solar and wind energy, as well as water power and biomass, make a valuable contribution to promote sustainable energy supply further.

But in order to exploit these energy sources profitably and efficiently for consumers and the environment, the use of a modern, powerful technology is required, which specifies the highest requirements for components and materials.

We meet the totally individual properties and requirement profiles of renewable energies with commitment and competence

  • with high-quality seal materials, which support long maintenance intervals (low abrasion, low moisture absorption, resistance to media)
  • with high-performance manufacturing capabilities even for large seal diameters
  • with compact hydraulic components for control and regulation of systems or system components
  • a highly motivated team of engineers and specialists for joint product development



Shaft seal of a ball sliding valve (hydroelectric power plant)

Framework conditions

Larger diameter / improved service life

Solution concept

Roof-shaped seal combination NBR / Red Super Polymer