Work consciously and decide


for life tomorrow


Seal Concept GmbH develops, plans and organises via its sales processes solutions for its customers, who to a considerable degree are associated with products (seals, sealing components, hydraulic components and hydraulic media), which rely on using valuable resources (oil, natural gas, energy) due to their required material composition and material characteristics and are not available during their life cycle to the environmental cycle.

Seal Concept GmbH sees its primary objective ecologically in dealing responsibly with the altered resources entrusted to them in their immediate field of activity and in collaboration with their business partners in order to achieve long-term conservation of these valuable resources.
Seal Concept GmbH is committed to achieving this objective consciously, oriented to the market and subject to relevant national and international legal provisions by

  • Using high-quality and long-lasting products that justify the use of environmental resources through long life cycles and having a late impact on the waste cycle,
  • An environmentally oriented and effective process design in their overall value-added chain for waste prevention and waste reduction,
  • An efficient and effective warehouse and transport logistic, in order to minimise conditional aspects of environmental impact,
  • An open communicative and trusting information policy and collaboration with all interested partners for developing a collective sustainable environmental awareness and to further develop and improve based on transparent assessment criteria.