Potential for technology enthusiasts


Important employer for doers and makers


Mechanical and plant engineering is the backbone of our economy and, being an innovative branch of industry, offers an enormous potential in many areas of technology.
One tenth of machine and plant products in the world is produced in Germany; this share currently constitutes around 16% of global machinery exports because of the high export content. After China and the USA, Germany is the third largest plant and machine producer in the world.

For many years, we have been a competent, reliable and flexible partner of this leading industry. In order to be able to play a sustained successful part in this dynamic environment, we consider several aspects, such as,

  • compliance with specific legal bases (e.g. Machinery Directive, etc.)
  • high level of innovation through an intensive cooperation with renowned technology leaders within our pool of suppliers
  • Support to specific documentation requirements in Quality Management
  • a structured sales network and customer relationships built up over many years
  • Participation in industrial associations, e.g. Standards Committee, VDMA, VBW...)



Indexing table seal against internal and external fluids (oil / coolant) (series production)

Framework conditions

Pressureless / vertical installation position / mounting space

Solution concept

Indexing plate seal (special profile) made from HPU

Photo: ZOLLERN-Rückle


Aerial platform unit mounting position independent

Framework conditions

Mounting space / compact design / suction line specification / target price commitment / delivery obligation / spare part and documentation obligation / vibration and noise level specification

Solution concept

Development and special construction of a compact unit when using standard components / motor modifications for reducing noise levels with the manufacturer / supplier matrix / large purchase quantities