Together with nature


Entrusted habitat with sustainable benefits


Companies in the field of agriculture and forestry have the specific responsibility to cultivate the habitat entrusted to them in an environmentally sustainable way responsibly and effectively. On the other hand, hardly any other industry is so directly and intensively dependent on the sensitivity of the climate and weather conditions.
Here effectiveness means being able to work in the right time window in a stable and well-prepared manner.
Today modern agriculture and forestry is working with large multi-functional devices under different conditions of use, which demands maximum reliability, durability and economy. All the suppliers must be aware of this responsibility.

We cope with this

  • with less expensive best-quality standard products and renowned certified suppliers
  • with faster availability even for large quantities
  • with customer-specific solution concepts
  • with proven seal materials even for biochemical media



Combination of several hydraulic functions in one compact block

Framework conditions

Customer specification Pmax / Qnom, function sequence

Solution concept

Special block according to customer mounting space