Tailor-made maintenance measures


Keeping machines in top-shape


The maintenance should ensure that the functional status of a machine, and thus also its value, is retained as long as possible. Minimising the idle hours is a basic benefit, just as finding a rapid solution in the case of a necessary repair. Fast and problem-free replaceability of components, adaptation of seals to changed installation spaces or solution concepts for the functional replacement of components that are no longer available are common challenges in the after-sales service.

We stand by our service concept by the fact that

  • our in-house production ensures a fast availability of application-specific parts
  • the stocking of a wide range of basic material and bearing components offers flexibility
  • and our specialised and skilled personnel will support you for each solution, if necessary even on site



Replacement for a standard seal of another manufacturer no longer manufactured, mounting space dimensions, short-term provision

Framework conditions

Mounting space, delivery within 3 days

Solution concept

U-cup RS17 made from Red Super Polymer (increase in service life)