Flexible and variable


Pressure that leads to success


The Press manufacturing is regarded as one of the core competencies of high pressure technology. The control of extreme conditions is a major challenge for all the involved process partners in this industry. High cycle rates for short strokes of the cylinder, associated high pressures and velocities have to be controlled for simultaneously ensuring a high level of quality and precision of the manufactured parts.
The importance of a key process, which can only be ensured through fully-developed designs and manufacturing technologies, not only applies to the forming presses in mass production in the automotive industry, but also thus influences the industrial mass production.

We support

  • long machine run time through high quality wear-resistant seal materials and special seal geometries
  • the specific hydraulic machine requirements through highly dynamic valve technology
  • machine control and industrial safety measures through proven safety valves
  • and our special on-site technical know-how acquired over several years



Seal, coupling brake with quick-running presses (series production), greater shaft runout

Solution concept

Special seal with axial seal, thus compensation of the shaft runout


Securing of the press in event of overload (series production)

Framework conditions

Hydraulic overload system (pressure point)

Solution concept

U-cup combination with spacer rings made from Red Super Polymer (increase in service life)