Always improve.


Willingly be in the forefront.


Seal Concept GmbH seeks to be a leader in the supplier market with high-quality products and services. Only technically sophisticated and long-lasting products offer
users the security and flexibility to perform on the market and also prove themselves to be sustainable in the long run. That’s why our quality policy supports
our customers and partners in our collective efforts.

  • We therefore work together only with selective, efficient and innovative suppliers and service providers that have
    the same understanding of quality as we do.
  • We select our products or solutions oriented to the customer or consult or match these products or solutions
    systematically to specific needs.
  • We self-critically scrutinize our activity with regard to stable and at the same time flexible business processes
    and are continuously improving these.
  • Quality is for us also the understanding for long-lasting, fair, trusting and cooperative business relationships.


  • Test bench for hydraulic valves
  • Test bench for block components
  • Test bench for compact power packs
  • Test bench for seals and cylinders
  • Measuring systems